Customized Cakes for Birthdays and All Occasions




Customized Cakes for Birthdays and All Occasions

Celebrations and special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other parties don’t always come and just happen once a year so we all want it to be special. Aside from giving material things to keep, another thing that will always be there and will always be loved is cakes. If we want pour cakes to be a little more special and unique, we can have it customized. Today feature all the  best cake shops in singapore around town that can make customized cakes for us according to the design and style that we want and we are going to tell you more about that below.

First off, HO PEI YING will tell us about seven bakeries in Singapore that do beautiful customized cakes.


Need a cake for a special celebration? Whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary, these places offer elegant and gorgeous made-to-order confections that go beyond run-of-the-mill designs.


Customised creations from Cupplets look rustic and homemade – that is, if your homemade bakes are multi-tiered marvels covered in a watercolour marbled effect and decorated with a confetti of pretty blooms, herbs, ice cream cones, glazed doughnuts or macaroons. Read more here.

            These beautiful customized cakes are perfect for all occasions. There are cakes for birthdays and anniversaries which are pastel colour and will surely be loved by kids and girls. There are also cakes with real and piped flowers which are perfect for women. You can also have your cakes customized according to your favourite movies just like Alice I Wonderland.  In the next part , we are going to focus on customized birthday cakes. Sheralyn Loh will tell us about it.

Best birthday cakes in Singapore|patisseries, cake shops and home bakers for parties

Once your kids have outgrown smash cakes and are ready for some proper birthday parties, they’ll be wanting an amazing birthday cake. If you’ve had enough of the ubiquitous black forest cake (bought in haste from the nearby chain store bakery) or balk at the idea of a BIY (bake-it-yourself), the answer is a customised cake decked out in your own original design and some cool cake art.

Cake art in Singapore has certainly been taken to a new level. Virtually anything is possible with fondant – mini Princess Elsas, large castles, Spongebob Squarepants characters and topsy-turvy designs are all brought to life thanks to these crafty cake makers. But, don’t forget that buttercream can also look pretty spectacular. Read more here.

Now the cakes you have seen above are all for birthdays and you can have it customized according to your favourite characters like the unicorn which is really loved right now. For boys, they can have cakes themed with star wars, cars, Legos, and such. Of course girls could have cake themes such as Frozen, floral, Peppa Pig, and many more. In addition, Sassy Mama will share us more information about some of the favourite birthday cake bakeries.

Our Favourite Birthday Cake Bakeries

Got a birthday party coming up, mama? Whether it’s for one of your discerning kiddos or something a bit more adult, there’s a huge range of birthday cake bakeries in Singapore to choose from. We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff (or the eggs from the flour, as the case may be) to highlight some of our personal faves. Bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive, in fact there are loads of home bakers across the island (many of them hard-working mamas) who can hook you up. At the other end of the spectrum, Singapore’s got a solid range of store-bought options like Bengawan Solo or Awfully Chocolate. Read more here.

In one of the cake shops mentioned above which is Monice bakes, they do not just customize cakes because they also do cookies and cupcakes. You could also request your cakes to have less sugar for the ones who are health conscious and are on diet. Another thing you can look forward to in The Fabulous Baker Boy is their “Eat for free” birthday treat for boys and girls who come in with three friends. Isn’t that great? You now have a number of choices if you want to have customized cakes for special occasions and celebrations for you and your loved ones. You will surely love their creations.


17 Boost Your Childs Morale with a Dose of Math Tuition

Boost Your Child’s Morale with a Dose of Math Tuition

It was years ago when parents raised the call that traditional methods of education were not really helping their children. To improve the quality of the learning program the K12 method of education was coined with the idea of individually tailoring the course to suit children from kindergarten right through high school. Using this as a basis the primary maths tutor Singapore as detailed on the website ensures that kids get the right dose by inculcating the ability to think and reason instead of rote learning.

In the earlier days, kids were subjected to a certain paradigm of the learning pattern. Today, the tried and tested scientific approach works much better. It starts by diagnosing the temperament and the learning abilities of the child, and based on that, the tutor conducts the lessons to make the process easier to digest and implement. Since the method is not blas, kids are freed from stress and learning begins with enthusiasm.

At the learning center, professionals understand that the pace of every student differs. Based on this, the tutors use strategies to encourage the child to be challenged without putting undue pressure on him. The idea is to ensure that s/he is ready to tackle the bigger stages as s/he moves ahead in her/his studies. The math booster course is what kids need today because technology and science are getting smarter. Without this basic education in their system, they may not be able to comprehend, recall or revise.

To facilitate this process, the math enrichment class uses a disciplined approach to teaching the mathematical concepts so that they remember and retain the information that has been imparted to them. The systemic approach used here is primarily to enable children to understand that there is a lot more to math than mere numbers. By inculcating a child-friendly and relatively easy to digest methodology, the child is able to follow and comprehend the structure and system.

The bottom line is that whether a child likes the subject or not, it essential to learn mathematics to move on to the next phase of her/his life. Without a smattering of the subject, one cannot proceed further. In fact, if the little one does not know the basics of adding or subtracting, s/he will not be able to use her or his pocket money wisely! The bottom line is that reasoning through numbers is a wonderful way to proceed in life. This helps the child realize the potential of the subject.

Methods Used In Math Enrichment Classes For Kindergarten

Everyone is talking about how beneficial it is for a child to start math enrichment classes from K2 level however choosing the best type of class out in the market is very important. Parents need to find the right child for the child and make sure that their teaching principles match their own. Here is a list of popular methods used in math enrichment for K2 level kids.


This method of teaching is used for children from the age of 5 right up to 16 years. It is well known for improving the child’s calculating skills. The syllabus is split into levels like that in games and each child has to complete a level before moving on to the next. This is a great way of forming a strong foundation but can get a little boring and the child will need a lot of self motivation.

The Learning Lab

The teachers, environment and the curriculum taught in these classes are known to be top notch. The children show a lot of improvement once registered for this class. However, this type of class is more focused on students who have a firm hold on the basics of math and therefore the child has to clear an entrance test before they even start the class.

MPM Math

These classes cannot be called dull in any way unlike other classes. A lot of real life examples are used while teaching and the way the teachers teach the class is very engaging. They focus more on the basic concepts and problem solving skills rather than on giving the children excess work.

E.nopi Math

This method is claimed to be adopted from South Korean curriculum. The students have to undergo a diagnostic exam right at the beginning of their class. This test helps the teachers know the current level of the child and thus they will be given assignments according to their level. The assignments that are given are colourful and catch the interest of the child easily. These classes incorporate both basic math concepts as well as critical thinking in their lesson plans and their assignments.

Since, each method has its distinct style the parents can choose the class that they think will be most suited to the child’s personality and will help them excel in their classes. No matter which class they choose the parents can rest assured that their child will not have any problem learning math.

The Role of Tuition in Your Child’s Education

In today’s context, we see competition everywhere and so, more and more parents are realizing that they have to provide good education to their children so the kids, when they grow up, will be able to cope up with the competition. Of course, the technological developments that have taken place can help in educating children but at the same time, parents cannot afford to ignore the role of tuition in making their kids knowledgeable. That is the reason authorities have introduced math enrichment Singapore so kids can develop logical skills that can help them in their education.

But while trying to get their children tutored, parents should adopt a proactive approach. They should first know the learning capabilities as well as the learning aptitudes of their kids and arrange private tuition accordingly. Though private tuition is a non-traditional method, it can go a long way in improving the potential of children.

How private tuition can help academically challenged children?

Parents should also realize that all the children are not the same. Some of them may be academically challenged and for them, the experience in schools may be gruelling. In fact, such children may hate going to school. It is in this context private tuition assumes importance because competent private tutors can impart a positive attitude in these children so the kids will shed their inhibitions about attending school. These tutors can enhance the knowledge levels of these children also.

Private tuition can develop confidence in children

Children are forced to compete in schools. Not all the children will be able to cope up with this competition and this results in low self-esteem. But if parents of these children get them tutored by competent private tutors, they can learn the required lessons more easily. They will reach the levels of other children very soon. This will help them regain their self-confidence.

Private tutors can induce a desire for learning also

When children are not able to cope up with the competition in schools, they may start hating learning itself. It is in this context parents are advised to look for competent tutors who are capable of inducing a desire for learning in these children. Of course, this can be accomplished only if the tutors are resilient and if they make all possible efforts to nurture and develop a desire for learning in these children. Once such a desire is created in these kids, they will also start attending schools with all eagerness.

In short, putting in place math enrichment programs in Singapore is a right step taken by authorities because it will help in creating a knowledgeable society.

Do Infant Care Centres Promote Moral Functioning In Your Children?

Morality is an important value that should be inculcated in children at an early age.

They are taught a range of subjects such as math, science, history and geography, but ignore the most important lessons of compassion and caring. Although some may say that the job of teaching infants is that of the parents and not of the school’s, it can be seen that this does not happen for a number of reasons. A recent book published data that states more and more individuals are willing to do the wrong thing just to get ahead in life.

Moral Development

As good culture will not simultaneously be inculcated in the children, morality studies should be started right from the very beginning. Many educators in the world today realise the importance of moral education and the lack of it at home. This is the reason why moral education is initiated in Singapore infant care . If the children are taught the importance of good values right from the very beginning, it is more likely for them to grow up to be better individuals.

The correct way of instilling this knowledge is very important. Morals are not just a set of rules or formulas that can be taught to the child or that the children can memorise. It is the sense of right and wrong. This can be developed over a period of time. Most of the schools do not understand this and they try to force the children to learn specific norms. When it comes to infant care in Singapore, real life situations should be assessed and the right response should be seen so as to let the children understand what morality is rather than just learning about it in some book.

Promoting Moral Development

As seen earlier, it is no use giving a list of do’s and don’ts to children. Even though it may look like they have learnt the concept well, this is just superficial knowledge. Here are a few points that would help understand how morality should be taught.

* The reason behind the rule and not the rule should he taught

* It is important to teach by example

* Give attention to the victim first

* Using children’s books for moral studies

* Inclusion of animals in the classroom can help promote caring

* Encouraging and rewarding acts of kindness can help a lot

This is how morality can be promoted right from the very beginning using Singapore infant care centres.

How playgroups influence the formative years of your child

Formative years:

Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. Children are the future of every nation. They are the torchbearers of the progress and change that a nation witnesses. They are the foundation of a nation. A happy child grows up to be a contented adult and thereby a responsible citizen of the nation. Children grow up to be the youth of the nation, who decide the fate of the nation. It is they who make the nation achieve its goals and reach the milestones. The hard work and labor of the youth generates revenue for the country, which in turn ensure smooth running of the economy. Thus, children are indeed a very important part of the nation.

It is for this reason that the childhood of these future pioneers need to be secured. The formative years for the child are very important. Whatever is learnt and imbibed in these formative years stays with the child for their entire life. If formative years are devoid of love and care, the child is bound to go astray in their teenage years as the experiences in early childhood play a major role in later stages of life. Hence caring is very important.

In a modern setup, like Singapore, where both parents go out to work, one must find an alternative way to provide the child with adequate care. This is achieved through the help of playgroups. Some of the best playgroups in Singapore ensure that the child does not feel neglected in the absence of the parent.

Influence of playgroup in formative years:

The formative years are a very impressionable age for the child, and it is in these formative years that a child is sent to a playgroup. Thus the playgroup has a huge impact on the child’s formative years. Children in the best playgroup in Singapore spend more time in the care of others than they spend with their parents. Thus playgroups play a crucial role in the psychological and emotional development of the child.

A lot depends on the caregivers in the playgroup. If the caregivers have proper training to take good care of the child, he or she will surely have an all-round growth. However, if the caregiver treats the child harshly, even once, it leaves an indelible mark on the child and it takes a turn for the worse in the future. Hence the impact that the playgroup has over the child can be immense and very important.

Interesting and Easy Ways to Raising Bilingual Children

Right from birth to the age of 7 years is the best period for language acquisition in children. The parents who intend to educate their kid in an English medium school but have Mandarin as a mother tongue should leverage optimal efforts to use this time to educate their children in both languages. Since, a large section of people speaks this language worldwide, it is not difficult to find a mandarin playgroup for your child. Following is a concise guide to maintain the right balance in the teaching process to keep the child comfortably going with the learning process for both languages.

Native Language Conversation and Learning Should Start at an Early Age

From the day one, your child sees the family members communicating in the mother tongue. This acquaintance creates a comfort zone for teaching them the language quickly without problems.

Consider the Importance of Teaching the Native Language Seriously

Children can easily grab a language when in a larger community. Once your child starts going to school, he/she will very rapidly adopt the things easily and have a good grasp over the foreign language within a short span of time. When the learning schedule becomes quite engaging and tough, it will be impossible to manage some extra time to educate the child in their native language. It is not right to leave that to chance. You can use the time before joining school to teach the minority language.

Send the Child to Playgroup Events in Mandarin

During the preschool stage, the playgroup activities are vital for the overall development of the children. If you choose to send your kid to the mandarin playgroup programs, it will make the learning process great fun and interesting.

Choosing a School Teaching Both of the Preferred Languages

It is an awesome idea if you find an English medium school with Mandarin as a second language. While this is not a tough challenge, you may not always find the right combination. The second language is also very important for the curriculum. This will ease the job for the parents.

Read Bedtime Stories in Native Language

While parents prefer to talk to their children in mother tongue throughout the day, many do not realize that reading out some storybooks at the night in the same language can also be beneficial. You can also gift them video games with instructions in this language. These little steps will make the learning process fun for the children.

Keep Books and Music CDs in Native Language
You can purchase some books that are of great interest to the children in native language. Play some popular songs in the same vernacular so that the child is habituated with learning the dialects.

There is no harm in sending your child to mandarin playgroup events. According to Pearson, the children require the right “motive and opportunity” to learn and speak a language. Since, this is your mother tongue; your children are familiar with the language atmosphere at home. The sense of familiarity at the new place will be equally interesting for the child. Last but not least, children respond fantastically to lessons taught in the play school.