Techniques of math enrichment for toddlers

For toddlers, the best maths enrichment program can be conducted by a series of activities as-

1) Building with Legos (building blocks)

The use of blocks helps in counting and identifying missing numbers. Toddlers tend to be impulsive; while playing with blocks, a toddler’s energy is diverted to stacking the blocks in a particular pattern rather than wasting that energy in non-productive ways.

2) Group activities (nature walks)

Group activities like nature walk help the child to count objects around us. An enjoyable and engaging method to help find math in everyday life. During the walk, toddlers learn other lessons like listening and following rules, considering the other person’s perspective and working as a team. They understand the idea of sharing.

3) Through songs and rhymes

As toddlers learn easily through song and dance, various topics can be taught for a better grasp of the concept. Rhymes like three blind mice, this old man, are always enjoyable. As songs and rhymes affect our subconscious state of mind, the longevity of a concept in a toddler’s mind is remarkably high.

4) Music

Music is the gateway to the soul. What better way to learn than to mix math with music. By playing instruments one learns to recognize patterns and beats. In this way, music will also help in expressing their moods. It is also an effective way to deal with aggression.

5) Story–telling

Through stories, puppets and pictures topics can be understood with ease. Visual aids work great for toddlers as colors and movement hold their attention much longer. Sound effects to stories and visual aid are more appealing which helps them retain the matter for a longer period of time.

6) Creative arts (like the use of clay)

Learning as well as sharpening the motor skills go hand in hand with this technique. It helps keep impulsive behavior at bay. Anger can be vented out on the clay by pressing into it, which is more productive and a harmless way to handle a toddler. It helps identify their interests and dislikes, based on which new approaches can be determined for this class.

7) Visits

One of the best teaching techniques has been visual learning. When the various human senses are triggered, learning becomes highly effective and its impact is long lasting. A visit to a nearby zoo, or an aquarium or simply the park can be a much better way of teaching than the regular stereotypically classroom set-up.


How effectively toddlers can absorb and maintain this math techniques depends on the quality of education that they get at their preschool or child care centre.

Techniques of math enrichment for toddlers

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