Are you facing difficulty in choosing an appropriate preschool in Singapore? It is very important to select the right preschool as it will decide the future of your child. There are so many nursery school in the Singapore that anybody can get confused but you do not have to stress  as we will provide you with some effective ways for selecting the best nursery school in Singapore.


It is the first thing that you should look for while deciding preschool. You must ask the teachers about the safety measurements such as:

What type of medical equipments they have?

Is there any separate room for keeping cleaning material?

Do they have child-friendly toys?

Is there any emergency fire exit?


It is also one of the major factors that will help you in choosing a preschool in Singapore. If the distance of the nursery school from your home is small, that centre will be suitable for you because you can drop off and pick up your child on time with great ease. It will also aid you in saving your time.

License of the preschool:-

You should make sure that the nursery school has got a license from the Ministry of Social and Family Development. If you want to check the standard of the preschool then you can get it done by observing the length of tenure. A short tenure will show that there is a larger number of issues that have yet to be recognized.

Staff members:-

It is preferable to ask the head of the school about the credentials of the staff members. You must enquire about the discipline philosophies and minimum qualifications of the teachers. It would be better if you question him whether staff is certified or not.

Reputation of nursery school Singapore:-

Reputation also plays an important role in deciding nursery school. You can also take advice from your closed ones such as relatives, neighbors friends, etc. The parents of existing school children can also provide you with some valuable information about the nursery school. You can also confirm it by visiting the website of that centre and reading reviews.

Fees and associated costs:-

You should also better understand the fee structure as well as associated costs of the preschools. If you and your husband are able to pay the fees in a convenient manner then finalize that preschool. Moreover, there are many subsidy schemes made by the government to help parents, so you can make use of it. Some preschools also offer a trial period, so you will get some time before making a final decision.

Timetable and Co-curricular activities:-

You must enquire about the lunch and nap timings of the nursery school. Different preschools have different curriculums such as Montessori, Project, and Integrated. So you have to decide which one will be perfect for your child. You should also ask them about what type of co-curricular activities will be taught to children. You must make sure that your child takes interest in those activities.

How to select the best nursery school in Singapore

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