When you hear a shaky voice with soft tone of a child then most of the times it represents a shy nature. It is observed that shy students often find difficulties in expressing their opinions among people; lesser engagement in active classroom sessions is one of the common examples of shy student’s behaviour. One important thing to understand is that shyness is actually a combination of various feelings or emotions like embarrassment, apprehension, tension and fear, etc. Teachers and parents must understand this fact that ignoring such behaviour of children can lead to difficulties in his/her overall social development as well as learning ability.

Here are a few strategies developed by experts of child care centres in Singapore that can help teachers and parents to deal with shy children:

Introductory Activities:
Try to make a shy child feel comfortable for introductory activities and to build up their confidence. It is good to arrange a small or large group for their interactions. Let them talk about their favourite animals, colours, family members and all that they love around. Allow students to talk to each other, shake hands and respond for some simple questions about routine life.

Listen Patiently:
Make sure that when the child is communicating with parents, teachers or classmates, listeners must show patience and add active responses whenever required. It will help a shy child to express his/her fears and emotions; when someone seems to be understanding for a child then they feel it is much easier to talk.

Give them time to prepare:
A shy child always demands more time and space to be comfortable with situations around them. Don’t try to be in hurry all the time, let your shy child take some time to get ready to express their thoughts. Parents need to spend more time to improve their communication and let them feel protected, confident and free from fear while expressing their emotions and feelings.

A good Preschool can help:

There is no doubt to say that preschools can set better environment for overall growth of child even if he/she is of shy nature. Always prefer to choose a pre-school like a child care centre in Singapore where your little kid can get right environment and opportunities for growth. It is important to have a well planned teacher to student ratio in preschool so that you can ensure that your child will get enough time from those experts.

Let them face people:
It is good to take your child for some family functions or some gatherings like birthday parties where they can find time to talk to other children. It helps shy kids to recover their feeling of fear of crowds and improves their emotional balance. Organise some picnics with some of your family friends and close relatives where your shy kid can get enough time and space to communicate with near and dear ones. A child always demands attention and parents as well as teachers are responsible for setting up a motivational and inspiring environment for their overall growth.

Simple Strategies to Treat a Shy Child