Customized Cakes for Birthdays and All Occasions

Celebrations and special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other parties don’t always come and just happen once a year so we all want it to be special. Aside from giving material things to keep, another thing that will always be there and will always be loved is cakes. If we want pour cakes to be a little more special and unique, we can have it customized. Today feature all the  best cake shops in singapore around town that can make customized cakes for us according to the design and style that we want and we are going to tell you more about that below.

First off, HO PEI YING will tell us about seven bakeries in Singapore that do beautiful customized cakes.


Need a cake for a special celebration? Whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary, these places offer elegant and gorgeous made-to-order confections that go beyond run-of-the-mill designs.


Customised creations from Cupplets look rustic and homemade – that is, if your homemade bakes are multi-tiered marvels covered in a watercolour marbled effect and decorated with a confetti of pretty blooms, herbs, ice cream cones, glazed doughnuts or macaroons. Read more here.

            These beautiful customized cakes are perfect for all occasions. There are cakes for birthdays and anniversaries which are pastel colour and will surely be loved by kids and girls. There are also cakes with real and piped flowers which are perfect for women. You can also have your cakes customized according to your favourite movies just like Alice I Wonderland.  In the next part , we are going to focus on customized birthday cakes. Sheralyn Loh will tell us about it.

Best birthday cakes in Singapore|patisseries, cake shops and home bakers for parties

Once your kids have outgrown smash cakes and are ready for some proper birthday parties, they’ll be wanting an amazing birthday cake. If you’ve had enough of the ubiquitous black forest cake (bought in haste from the nearby chain store bakery) or balk at the idea of a BIY (bake-it-yourself), the answer is a customised cake decked out in your own original design and some cool cake art.

Cake art in Singapore has certainly been taken to a new level. Virtually anything is possible with fondant – mini Princess Elsas, large castles, Spongebob Squarepants characters and topsy-turvy designs are all brought to life thanks to these crafty cake makers. But, don’t forget that buttercream can also look pretty spectacular. Read more here.

Now the cakes you have seen above are all for birthdays and you can have it customized according to your favourite characters like the unicorn which is really loved right now. For boys, they can have cakes themed with star wars, cars, Legos, and such. Of course girls could have cake themes such as Frozen, floral, Peppa Pig, and many more. In addition, Sassy Mama will share us more information about some of the favourite birthday cake bakeries.

Our Favourite Birthday Cake Bakeries

Got a birthday party coming up, mama? Whether it’s for one of your discerning kiddos or something a bit more adult, there’s a huge range of birthday cake bakeries in Singapore to choose from. We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff (or the eggs from the flour, as the case may be) to highlight some of our personal faves. Bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive, in fact there are loads of home bakers across the island (many of them hard-working mamas) who can hook you up. At the other end of the spectrum, Singapore’s got a solid range of store-bought options like Bengawan Solo or Awfully Chocolate. Read more here.

In one of the cake shops mentioned above which is Monice bakes, they do not just customize cakes because they also do cookies and cupcakes. You could also request your cakes to have less sugar for the ones who are health conscious and are on diet. Another thing you can look forward to in The Fabulous Baker Boy is their “Eat for free” birthday treat for boys and girls who come in with three friends. Isn’t that great? You now have a number of choices if you want to have customized cakes for special occasions and celebrations for you and your loved ones. You will surely love their creations.


Customized Cakes for Birthdays and All Occasions

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