Morality is an important value that should be inculcated in children at an early age.

They are taught a range of subjects such as math, science, history and geography, but ignore the most important lessons of compassion and caring. Although some may say that the job of teaching infants is that of the parents and not of the school’s, it can be seen that this does not happen for a number of reasons. A recent book published data that states more and more individuals are willing to do the wrong thing just to get ahead in life.

Moral Development

As good culture will not simultaneously be inculcated in the children, morality studies should be started right from the very beginning. Many educators in the world today realise the importance of moral education and the lack of it at home. This is the reason why moral education is initiated in Singapore infant care . If the children are taught the importance of good values right from the very beginning, it is more likely for them to grow up to be better individuals.

The correct way of instilling this knowledge is very important. Morals are not just a set of rules or formulas that can be taught to the child or that the children can memorise. It is the sense of right and wrong. This can be developed over a period of time. Most of the schools do not understand this and they try to force the children to learn specific norms. When it comes to infant care in Singapore, real life situations should be assessed and the right response should be seen so as to let the children understand what morality is rather than just learning about it in some book.

Promoting Moral Development

As seen earlier, it is no use giving a list of do’s and don’ts to children. Even though it may look like they have learnt the concept well, this is just superficial knowledge. Here are a few points that would help understand how morality should be taught.

* The reason behind the rule and not the rule should he taught

* It is important to teach by example

* Give attention to the victim first

* Using children’s books for moral studies

* Inclusion of animals in the classroom can help promote caring

* Encouraging and rewarding acts of kindness can help a lot

This is how morality can be promoted right from the very beginning using Singapore infant care centres.

Do Infant Care Centres Promote Moral Functioning In Your Children?

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