Formative years:

Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. Children are the future of every nation. They are the torchbearers of the progress and change that a nation witnesses. They are the foundation of a nation. A happy child grows up to be a contented adult and thereby a responsible citizen of the nation. Children grow up to be the youth of the nation, who decide the fate of the nation. It is they who make the nation achieve its goals and reach the milestones. The hard work and labor of the youth generates revenue for the country, which in turn ensure smooth running of the economy. Thus, children are indeed a very important part of the nation.

It is for this reason that the childhood of these future pioneers need to be secured. The formative years for the child are very important. Whatever is learnt and imbibed in these formative years stays with the child for their entire life. If formative years are devoid of love and care, the child is bound to go astray in their teenage years as the experiences in early childhood play a major role in later stages of life. Hence caring is very important.

In a modern setup, like Singapore, where both parents go out to work, one must find an alternative way to provide the child with adequate care. This is achieved through the help of playgroups. Some of the best playgroups in Singapore ensure that the child does not feel neglected in the absence of the parent.

Influence of playgroup in formative years:

The formative years are a very impressionable age for the child, and it is in these formative years that a child is sent to a playgroup. Thus the playgroup has a huge impact on the child’s formative years. Children in the best playgroup in Singapore spend more time in the care of others than they spend with their parents. Thus playgroups play a crucial role in the psychological and emotional development of the child.

A lot depends on the caregivers in the playgroup. If the caregivers have proper training to take good care of the child, he or she will surely have an all-round growth. However, if the caregiver treats the child harshly, even once, it leaves an indelible mark on the child and it takes a turn for the worse in the future. Hence the impact that the playgroup has over the child can be immense and very important.

How playgroups influence the formative years of your child

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