Everyone is talking about how beneficial it is for a child to start math enrichment classes from K2 level however choosing the best type of class out in the market is very important. Parents need to find the right child for the child and make sure that their teaching principles match their own. Here is a list of popular methods used in math enrichment for K2 level kids.


This method of teaching is used for children from the age of 5 right up to 16 years. It is well known for improving the child’s calculating skills. The syllabus is split into levels like that in games and each child has to complete a level before moving on to the next. This is a great way of forming a strong foundation but can get a little boring and the child will need a lot of self motivation.

The Learning Lab

The teachers, environment and the curriculum taught in these classes are known to be top notch. The children show a lot of improvement once registered for this class. However, this type of class is more focused on students who have a firm hold on the basics of math and therefore the child has to clear an entrance test before they even start the class.

MPM Math

These classes cannot be called dull in any way unlike other classes. A lot of real life examples are used while teaching and the way the teachers teach the class is very engaging. They focus more on the basic concepts and problem solving skills rather than on giving the children excess work.

E.nopi Math

This method is claimed to be adopted from South Korean curriculum. The students have to undergo a diagnostic exam right at the beginning of their class. This test helps the teachers know the current level of the child and thus they will be given assignments according to their level. The assignments that are given are colourful and catch the interest of the child easily. These classes incorporate both basic math concepts as well as critical thinking in their lesson plans and their assignments.

Since, each method has its distinct style the parents can choose the class that they think will be most suited to the child’s personality and will help them excel in their classes. No matter which class they choose the parents can rest assured that their child will not have any problem learning math.

Methods Used In Math Enrichment Classes For Kindergarten

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