After maternity and newborn photography, the first birthday celebration is always the next photoshoot Singaporean parents go for. Some of them spend thousands of dollars for themed birthday party celebrations knowing very well that the baby will not remember a thing.

They treat this milestone birthday a grand occasion to celebrate and held parties at a five-star hotel or a steamboat restaurant or something else that they think will make the party glamorous. Cake-makers supply customized birthday cakes. They also make special cakes that are free from nuts, gluten, and dairy products for allergic kids.

Some parents celebrate it with cake smashing photography. They do this with the intention that their kids will able to look back on their baby days, fondly, sometime in the future. Some parents treat this as an intimate affair and keep to the nearest ones. It is up to you how will celebrate it.

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Immortalize the first birthday with cake smash photography

The first birthday is a milestone in the life of the baby and this is why Singaporean parents are now all out to capture this precious moment. None can think of a birthday without a birthday cake. As the little child is not able to taste it, the Singaporean parents are letting their babies smash it and celebrating the first birthday with cake smashing shots. The baby plays havoc with the cake and makes cute expressions getting proud of the achievement.

How to get that done? Which is better, to shoot with props or without props? Will the birthday party be ideal for the shoot? All these questions pinch the parents. Some parents order two cakes one for the birthday and another for smashing and they hire a pro to get the snaps the super-messy but adorable shots of the baby.

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A guide to finding the best cake smash photographer

Cake smashing photography is not as well-known compared to maternity and newborn photography. But it is gaining popularity of late as Singaporean parents are celebrating the first birthday of their babies with it.

There are many things to consider for picking a photographer. One should consider the location and convenience first. Some studios specialize in shooting with natural light and others focus on props. So, one must be sure that the studio will be able to fulfill the requirements. Considering special needs, like accompanying older children, has to be clarified. There should be enough space and provisions to keep the older children entertained. Moreover, one must be double sure what the parents are expected to bring and what the studio will provide for the shoot.

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There are many ways to celebrate the first