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Hair salons in Singapore are a mainstay that drives the fashion and aesthetic industry while offering several eye-pleasing services such as hair treatment, facial makeover, manicure, pedicure, scalp treatment and a lot more. But as there are several of those quality and enticing services so does the grades or levels at which there are offered. There are those that are quite affordable and open to many people who care for a hair styling treatment, so does those we can call the premium hair salon in Singapore. We are here to provide some of the best hair salons Singapore has to offer.

Those premium salons are specifically targeting the high-end spectrum of customers and their basic services price ranges can be a little bit pricy for the average hair enthusiast. In this guide, we have done a quick round-up of 5 of the best premium salons in Singapore. You will find useful insights to get you going on your next time out in search of a top of the line salon for your hair treatment.


PREP Luxe is a top of the line salon owned by Jaclyn Soh, Jacqueline Chang and Yishi Lian, who are of the belief that looking good is an everyday affair that shouldn’t be left to chance and have gone on to found hair and make-up studio two years after they founded the PREP brand in 2013. You can get your damaged locks and entangled hair is given a major makeover at Prep Luxe.

They have got the Olaplex hair transplantation ($ 120 or more), which is ideal for dyed or bleached hair, or try one of the typical blowouts (from $ 45) with six different style options, including voluptuous curls and kinky beach curls. The salon also offers free bursts with the full main color and highlights service starting at $ 260. This is your typical deluxe premium salon.

Black Hair Salon

Raymond Eng and Anthony Chu founded Black Hair Salon in 2000 and have since then built a really strong base of loyal customers who trust them for the perfect hairstyle suited to their unique facial look. Nothing big and glamorous to see here, but they are a small yet elegant ship shop run by experienced hairdressers who have been in the salon business for years. Many customer troops in to get their hair colored in their hair coloring services section that’s suitable for colors such as purple, pink, blue and green.

A standard coloring service version costs $30 for men and $35 for women, while creative colors starting at $188 including bleaching are available. There is the Olaplex Pretreatment ($ 40) or Olaplex Full Treatment ($ 100) service that offers the hair protection for people with sensitive scalp

LeeKaJa Beauty Salon

There are lots of Korean hair salons in Singapore, but the LeeKaJa Beauty Salon is not just your everyday K-pop beauty salon. You might be forgiven to first think of the salon as a café at first glance due to its pastoral like interior complemented with a counter offering fresh juice and coffee.

Moving in further into the salon, you are greeted by a few lounge chairs and brightly lit make-up mirror stands. A basic cut that includes washing and blowing starts at $50 for men and $60 for women. LeeKaJa also offers hair dyes (starting at $120), manicures (starting at $55 / hand) and pedicures (starting at $ 70), hair treatments (starting at $240), eyelash extensions ($130) and make-up (from $15) to really give you the perfect makeover. Most of their stylists are professionals from South Korea. So you can be sure that you will enjoy a truly authentic Korean beauty treatment.

Team Salon

At Team Salon, you are sure to get the eco-friendly American hair care products to give your curls the right treatment it deserves. With over three decades of experience under their belt and now with six stores in Singapore, you can be sure to get the best experience you can. Team Salon offers a range of services, starting from stylish cuts (from $45 / man, $49 / woman) to organic color creams (from $115) to nursing treatments (from $115). One thing that’s outstanding about them, however, is a team of stylists who pays attention to the little details and doing so with a charming and welcoming aura.

TIGI Hair Salon

You probably know a lot about hair and are looking for a complementary fit to your hairstyle, then TIGI is your next stop for the perfect hair fit. Be it voluminous, frizzy or texturing, your knowledge of hair product means you have probably heard of the TIGI’s Bed Head – and thus the namesake salon of the cult brand’s British brand. With a 1,600-square-foot salon store, they provide quality hair treatments and colorings (starting at $100) that suit every hair type, with a basic cut and laundry starting at $40. One of their popular styles is the TIGI Bed Head Color Trip, which features 12 semi-permanent acid colors that can be adjusted to produce soft pastels or vibrant hair.

There you have it. A round-up of 5 of the top premium salons in Singapore offering top quality service at a relatively okay price for those who don’t mind forking out a bit to get that perfect hairstyle.