After maternity and newborn photography Singaporean parents now want to celebrate every moment of the child’s life. Cake smash photography is now a trendy idea for capturing delightful baby portraits.

Cake smash photography is led by the child. The photographer places a cake in front of a one-year-old baby and lets the baby do whatever it likes. It can play with the cake or smash it. This entails delightfully cute moments as the baby demolishes and makes a mess of everything.

The photographer also plays with the baby and employs all tricks to engage the baby in smashing the cake the way it likes. And, the photographer stops when the child gets bored.

Some of the Singapore cake smash photography studios provide baby outfits and showering facilities to make the session memorable. These studios use soft and romantic light with minimal props to get the baby photos in their true mood.

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Cake smash photography is the best to celebrate the first birthday

It is an surely an important milestone when your baby hits the one year old mark. By celebrating this milestone with a cake smash party, you can definitely capture some amazing memories.

Cake smashing is a great way to keep the baby at the center stage. And it is a current growing trend among Singaporean parents. Furthermore, this is one of the more interactive ways to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

Several photographers in Singapore specialize in cake smashing photography. They place the baby in front of the cake and capture what they do with the cake. Some babies seem to be a bit apprehensive and others dig straight into the cake. It is not unlikely to get a crying baby with the cake. But whatever may be the outcome, the captured moments are priceless!

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There are different packages of cake smash photography

Cake smash photography has set a blazing trend in Singapore. Although this was a trend in the past, it has now returned and is a hot cake among Singaporean parents who celebrate the first birthday of the baby. This is not easy, as you do not know how to baby will react. Will he cry, laugh, smile or put on a bad attitude?

But the professional photographers understand these babies well and have tricks up their sleeves. The main theme of cake smashing photography is to allow the baby to play havoc with it. This is usually shot before the actual birthday and the photos form a part of the birthday celebrations.

The shot can be a simple one taken in a comfortable environment for the baby. Or, one can take the shot of the adorable mess focusing on the cake and the child and the third option is to shoot the baby in an adventurous position with props. All of them deliver priceless photos.

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