Nothing gives a family more pleasure and happiness than the arrival of the baby. Hence, apart from taking maternity and newborn snaps, Singaporean parents also celebrate the first birthday with cake smash session.

Celebrating the first birth matters! It is not about the baby, but for the family that nurtured the little bundle to grow happy and healthy. A baby does not understand birthday parties or remember anything about this. But taking birthday photographs helps in a great way to tread down the memory lane in the years to come.

There are many ways to make it memorable. One must hire a professional photographer so that not a single moment of the party is missed. Cake smashing shots also add a dimension to the celebration.

But you need to plan for that well in advance. One also needs to consider plenty of things to make it successful. You must also consider the price of a cake smash photoshoot in Singapore. The article by Laura gives valuable insights on preparing for the first birthday celebration and cake smashing of babies. Read more here!

The mystery of outdoor Cake Smash Photo Session is unraveled

The first birthday is an important milestone for the baby and the family as well. This is most exciting as the little angel has turned into a toddler. For this, the Singaporean parents celebrate this day to make the precious moment memorable. They also hire professional photographers to take cake smash snaps to mark the occasion.

The great plus point of the cake smash photographs is that they are child-led. And, the pros deliver you adorable snaps of the messy thing. But when one decides to follow the DIY route the results are not that beautiful.

The reason behind this lies in the subtle details. While the pros take care of the small details, we, as an armature, often fail to take notice of that and this entails a big difference. You have to take care of location, styling, light, settings, etc to make the shot perfect.

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Planning a cake smash photo-shoot? Know when to book

The arrival of a baby is the greatest gift from heaven. To make this memorable, Singaporean parents organize maternity and newborn photography. The recent trend is to extend it to child smash photography for celebrating the first birthday.

In case the birthday of your little darling is approaching near, you must be considering a cake smashing photo session. Maybe you have heard a lot about these. But the fact is that the photo session does not need to coincide with the birthday. Doing it on this day may go against other arrangements.

After all, you want a relaxed, adorable photo of your cute, little child. They have their typical mind and timings. So, you should be flexible enough to capture them in their true personality. Moreover, if the baby is not familiar with a cake, chances are that she may avoid it and make things difficult.

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You must plan for the first birthday and cake smash